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Sports Workforce

We can't run without you!

Our Sports Workforce is the dedicated team of volunteers, coaches, officials and committee members that make our sports work. They are the behind-the-scenes team who work tirelessly to make sure that the vast amount of sporting opportunities are available to all.

From volunteers who help set up events, to the coaches who develop the skills you need to compete, to the Club committee members who work to improve their club, Sports Workforce is the backbone of sport!

If you have the drive to help others and can keep a cool head, you will be right at home within the Workforce.


Want to make a difference? Do you have a skill or an interest in sport that could be used by a local sports club ? - Marketing, website maintenance, coaching, marshalling, SEN provision, our Provider organisations are looking for help with all these things and more. Join our Sport Volunteer Scheme to search for opportunities.


Are you a qualified coach in a sport, or are you looking to become one? There are many coaching opportunities in Manchester, look here for more details.

AU Club Committee

Athletic Union clubs do not happen on their own, they are organised and managed by a Club Committee. If you would like to be more involved in your club, look at our Club Committee section.

AU Exec Committee

The Athletic Union Exec Committee are responsible on for the organisation of the 42 different AU clubs. These people are dedicated and hardworking, if you think you have what it takes look here for more information.


Officials are the mainstay of competions, competitive matches cannot take place without experienced officials. If you are a qualified referee or umpire, or would like to become one click here.


The world outside of university is highly competitive, how will you stand out above the crowd? Being part of Sport Workforce is a great place to start, but how to get the most out of it? With our links to the Careers Service, look no further for information.

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