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XXI Club

The University of Manchester XXI Club was formed in 1932 and exists to promote sporting excellence at the University of Manchester.

The XXI Club has its origin in elite sport and this is reflected in the current membership. Members include Olympians, World Champions and World Record Holders and those who have competed for their countries at sports including athletics, football, rugby, hockey, netball, swimming and waterpolo. The Club’s current President is Rowena Birch, an Olympic judo player. Rowena recently took on the role succeeding the Olympic swimmer and former world record holder James Hickman.

The Club holds a celebration dinner each year in autumn at which XXI Club members gather and to which new elections are invited to be welcomed to the Club.

Amongst its various objectives, the XXI Club is committed to working with the Athletic Union and SPORT Manchester to raise funds and provide support for the University of Manchester Sports Excellence programmes. The Club also encourages its members to continue to participate in sport and to contribute to sport at the university after graduation.

New elections

Each year the Club selects up to 21 of the highest performing athletes and 21 of the highest performing sports club officials to become members. Those receiving full colours or triple stripe for service are eligible for election to the XXI Club. Please make sure you provide full details of achievements with the colours submissions so that this information can be used by the XXI Club Committee to decide upon XXI Club elections.

Fresher’s medal

The XXI Club offers the AU Clubs the opportunity to make an award to the highest performing Fresher in their Club. One award can be made per AU Club. The XXI Club Fresher’s medal for each Club will be presented at the AU Awards Dinner in May and the recipients will be invited to attend the XXI Club Annual Dinner in the autumn. You will be invited at the end of the year to nominate the Fresher of the Year for your Club.

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