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Athletic Union Winners 2014/15

Here is a criteria of each of the awards and what they did to achieve the award.

Congratulations to all our winners, you have set the bar really high!

Jubilee Cup - Team of the year

Awarded to the most successful team of the season in terms of performance and results. This will normally be the team achieving the highest position in BUCS (or in a comparable competition).

Squash Men's 1st - Rewarded with the most BUCS points of any of the teams this year and reached semi-finals of BUCS Championships.

Club of the year

Awarded to a club which has excelled in all areas of operation, including competition, management, membership
recruitment, administration and contribution to the Athletic Union.

Canoe - A well-deserved winner, this club ensured that all members took the competitions seriously and represented the University incredibly well.

Most Improved Club of The Year

Awarded to a club which has shown extraordinary improvement over the course of twelve months in performance,
organisation, financial management and increased membership. Clubs who have overcome difficult circumstances,
excelled in the area of club development or shown gradual improvement over a number of years will also be considered
for this award.

Cycling - What have Cycling not done in 2014/15? They are much deserved winners and have excelled in both commitment and performance. Well done!

Coach of the Year

Awarded to the coach who has had the biggest impact on the results, training sessions, motivation or membership of the team(s) for which he or she is responsible. Coaches must be nominated by the relevant team or club captain and the nomination must be unanimously supported by the club committee. Signatures of all committee must accompany the application.

Matt Shepherd - Matt has raised the goals and aspirations of everyone in the Sailing Club, subsequently winning their first University Sailing event at the Angel of the North in Durham. Even when conditions are wet and windy, Matt still gears the team up to get out there and bleed purple.

Fresher of the year

Awarded to the student who has made the most impact in terms of individual or team performance in their first year of study at The University of Manchester (postgraduates in their first year of study at Manchester can be nominated for this award).

Georgia Hallet - A huge congratulations to Georgia who has been labelled as ‘The Future of SKUM’. She also represents the University of Manchester of the World Stage competing for The Welsh Elite Ski Squad and was crowned winner of the Ladies Slalom on the dry-slope.

Purple Pride

The University of Manchester Athletic Union is showing its passion for wearing our colour. Great triumphs not necessarily at the top level, the showing of immense team spirit and willingness to do whatever it takes for the purple shirt are all examples of Purple Pride. The criteria for this award has been left open. Which individual, group of individuals, team or club has shown in some way true Purple Pride?

Laceyahna Munroe - The recipient of this Award has shown remarkable courage and panel were unanimous in their decision. This person truly reflects the Purple Pride that runs deep in the heart of the Athletic Union. Bravery knows no boundaries for this member of the Equestrian club!

RT Unsworth Award

Awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to SPORT at The University of Manchester in any area of volunteering through sport. This might be through the Athletic Union, Campus Sport, Sports Volunteer Scheme, Health and Fitness programme. The RT Unsworth Award is not always presented due to its incredibly high criteria.

Lucy Storey - Lucy has done tremendously well this season and has been an excellent servant to both the Athletic Union and the Sailing Club whilst also balancing a degree in Medicine.

Jack Smith Cup - Sportsman of the year

Awarded to the most outstanding individual male performer from any club over the course of the season.

Tom Armstrong - Tom, a rugby league scholar, has put in some outstanding performances for Leigh Centurions who are pushing for promotion and Tom’s performances have contributed massively to their great season.

Sportswoman of the Year

Awarded to the most outstanding individual female performer from any club over the course of the season.

Helen Housby - The panel decided that Helen Housby, who represented England on the Commonwealth Stage, was the standout candidate. Helen’s performances also helped the Netball team reach the semi-finals of the BUCS Championships this year.

Laski Cup

Awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the Athletic Union, in terms of contribution to their own club or clubs, service on executive or sub-committees, volunteering, officiating at events, representative performance and overall commitment.

Fabienna Johnson & David Lawson - Fabienne and David have both been great ambassadors of the Athletic Union. For their continued work on their club committees and their outstanding work on the Athletic Union Executive Committee they were awarded with the Laski Cup. The contribution both have made has’t gone unnoticed and they’ll be sorely missed once they graduate.

Club Official of The Year

Awarded to a club official which has excelled in leading many aspects of club administration of an Athletic Union club over the past 12 months. This does not include on the field performance, more so its management, club development and striving to leave a lasting improvement in the clubs structure and organisation. Nominations for this award should be put forward by the rest of the club and the opinion and knowledge of the Sport Sabbatical Officer may be included when judging applications.

Dickson Lau - Due to damaged sustained to their training venue, the Cricket Club suffered a massive knock-on effect that placed the club in a crisis at the beginning of the year that threatened to operate without a training venue for the entire winter programme and insufficient funds to keep the club in operation. Dickson soon secured Emirates Old Trafford as the club’s training venue and the club are now reaping the benefits with some great on-field performances.

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