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ACTIVE Manchester

Being active is an important part of living life. We were built to move and if you don't you can gain weight, weaken your muscles and feel de-motivated and guilty for not excerising.

Don't fear, that is why SPORT Manchester is here! We recognise 'sport' might not be what you are looking for which is why we offer a wide range of other activities to tempt you to get involved, be active at times that suit your student or staff lifestyle with the main aim of helping you feel good about yourself.

ACTIVE Manchester is a jam packed programme full of classes, courses and activities to keep you active and healthy whilst on campus. Many of the activities are suitable for all levels of ability, from complete beginners to those who exercise more regularly. and will provide you with the opportunity to learn and progress with guidance from our expert instructors. You will find full class descriptions on the tab to the left.

There is plenty to choose from so why not challenge yourself and try something new!

We also work with the Counselling Service to provide free weekly timetable activities as well as a series of one off events to enhance your wellbeing.

In addition to this we link with and support student, staff and local running and walking groups.

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