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Fitness Classes

We have a varied programme of class only options, catering for the complete beginner, to the more serious exerciser. This year you can purchase your class pass online.

For 2016 we will be offering Aerobics, Insanity, Zumba, Boxercise, Core Conditioning, Kettlebell Fitness, Yoga Fitness, Bums & Tums and NEW for 2016, P90X (a workout to make you leaner, fitter, and supercharges your metabolic rate to help you burn fat, even while you sleep).

We are running classes on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. Our fitness class passes at The Armitage Centre are great value for money, and are a convenient way of booking up to 5 classes per week.
You can choose from single Semester Pass (which covers you for 12 weeks) or a dual Semester Pass (which covers you up to the end of term, limited from Easter onwards#, until 27th May).

Passes are open to valid students*, University of Manchester staff and members of the public. You could be paying as little as £2 per class (on a dual semester pass)

You can visit us on twitter for the latest updates.

Class Dates 2016/17

Semester 1: 26th September - 16th December 2016

Semester 2: 30th January - 27th May 2017 *TBC

# We have added limited extra classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday over the Easter break, the full timetable starts back on Monday 24th April (limited classes from 17th May)

*Valid students must have student ID with an expiry date and photo.

2016/17 Timetable

Monday 5pm Aerobics Conf. Room
5pm Insanity Studio
6pm Zumba Conf. Room
6pm Boxercise Studio
Tuesday 5pm Core Conditioning Conf. Room
5pm Kettlebell Fitness Studio
6pm Cardio Conditioning Conf. Room
Wednesday 5pm Bums and Tums Conf. Room
5pm Yoga Fitness Studio
6pm Bums and Tums Conf. Room
Thursday 5pm Bootcamp Conf. Room
5pm Kettlebell Fitness Studio
6pm Bums and Tums Conf. Room
6pm Zumba Studio
Friday 5pm P90X Studio
6pm Relaxing Yoga Studio
Saturday 10:15am Legs Bums and Tums Conference Room
11am Circuit Training Conference Room

Armitage Class Descriptions


Fantastic workout to music with simple steps and jumps, guaranteed to get the heart pumping.


This military style workout is a must to get you fitter and faster with shuttle runs, push ups, sit ups and lots more.


A fast-paced circuit incorporating boxing techniques, body weight and core exercises.

Bums and Tums

A low impact class that focuses on strengtheing the key muscles and tonight the glutes, thighs and stomach.

Cardio Conditioning

Not for the faint hearted. This non-stop cardio workout is extreme and pushes you to your limit!


Intensive full body workout. Targets strength building and muscular endurance using different stations.

Circuit Training

Intensive full body workout, targeting strength building and muscular endurance using different stations.

Core Conditioning

Works your core (abs, back and sides) to the max to give you a beach ready look!

Fitness Yoga

Performed to music and is great for cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and core strength.


Maximum interval training, provides maximum intensity exercise.

Kettlebell Fitness

Designed to shape the body using light weights. It's fun, fast and burns the fat with super effective results.

Legs Bums & Tums

Low impact, focuses on strengthening and toning the buttocks, legs and stomach.

Fitness Yoga

Fitness Yoga is performed to music and is great for cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and core strength.


P90X accelerates the results process by constantly introducing new moves and routines so your body never plateaus, and you never get bored.


The global dance/fitness craze combining a mix of dances from the world's rhythms.



Student - £3.50

Staff - £4.20

Public - £4.75

1st Semester Pass

Student - £40

Staff - £45

Public - £50

2nd Semester Pass

Student - £50

Staff - £55

Public - £60

Dual Semester Pass

Student - £80

Staff - £90

Public - £100

Semester 1: 26th Sep - 16th Dec 2016
Semester 2: 30th Jan - 27th May 2017
Limited classes running over the Easter Break, full timetable begins again on
Monday 24th April.

Class Easter Timetable 2017

Monday 3rd, 10th, 17th April

6pm Boxercise

Wednesday 5th, 12th, 19th April

5pm Bums & Tums

Friday 7th, 14th, 21st April

5pm P90X

Classes are included in the fitness pass

Normal timetable resumes from

Monday 24th April

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